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Pine Needle Tea


The Tea Dispensary Castlemaine

Pine Needle Tea


Pine Needle Tea (Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc) is a bit of a rarity in Australia, mostly being used as Chinese medicine - but has its own unique uses. This is classified as White Pine.

According to studies white pine is a good anti-viral.

These particular Pine Needle Trees have been growing for over 50 years in the mountainous regions in North East China away from industrial zones, wildcrafted in the month of May-June 2021.

Grown Lesser Khingan mountains, on the Russia China border.

Other compounds found within Pine Needle are below:

Alpha-Pinene Beta-Pinene Beta-Phellandrene
D-Limonene Germacrene D 3-Carene
Caryophyllene Vitamin A Vitamin C


Traditional medicinal uses for Pine Needle tea are treating the flu, hormonal imbalances and complications with vision. 

This Pine Needle is Wildcrafted and Pesticide free.

Health Benefits

Pine Needle Tea has been used for

Treating hormonal imbalances

Protection/Treatment of the flu

Serving Instructions

  1. Pine Needle is best to crush/grind or blend to release everything properly due to its slightly hardy protective coating.
  2. For optimal results, place 2-3g in blender with hot water, blend until ground and let steep for 10 mins. Steeping/filtering afterwards is recommended.
  3. Steeping overnight is also a good option for Pine Needle to ensure everything is released.

Caution: More research is needed but to be on the safe side, avoid during pregancy.
In very rare cases, some may experience allergic reaction.